Monday, June 15, 2015

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

First Impressions Notes From A 1st Time Supporter

Cush Coffee Dominican Bani. This is a excellent example of what I would call a more mellow coffee. I would say it is not very acidic. The roast is well done. I'm getting some definite cocoa with a nutty note, and some citrus, maybe lemon. Not a very assertive cup. Nicely balanced. I don't get a lot of tannin flavors off of this either. I think this would be a good coffee for someone who is a beginning single region bean coffee drinker or for times when you want a more laid back cup of coffee. 

I also recently found out that he does a Coffee blend to accompany a fine cigar. That is definitely on my list for my next order. Yep, first roaster in years that I would re-order from, and looking forward to doing so, as well.

Original Story

Cush Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Hey! this one is different! No matter what I taste from this Roaster, he manages to throw me and my buds for a loop. Again, I don't know if this is a testament to his roasting skills, which if I'm correct, is accomplished using the small batch pan roasting method, or if it is the quality of the beans. I'd venture to guess both. I'm going to start sounding like a broken record. This is once again the best example of this bean that I have ever tasted. I brewed it using my usual French Press method, which is a bit different because I don't stir the grounds, and I remove them before I press / create the suspension.

This is a somewhat bolder and fuller bodied coffee. The aroma from the cup really got my attention. It is very fragrant. As I started sipping, I was reminded of a well aged wine. There are floral, fruit, and chocolate notes which bring a light but definite complexity. It has the most wonderfully sweet and long lasting finish that I have ever experienced. Definitely the most surprising finish, to date. Again, a bit more than medium bodied. Not too acidic, but more that the Dominican Bani I had yesterday. This is one that any adventurous coffee drinker HAS to try. It is that unique, and that good.

More Notes Coming Soon!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

BaristaOnDutYs BeanBack

I Will Make This Short Simple & To The Point~ This Is Where You, Get To Tell Me About Ur Coffee Experience From BODY. It Can Be Customer Service, Knowledge, Beans In General, Or Just What You Feel I, Should Or Shouldn't Do! I Roast For You The People, Let Your Voice Be Heard. I'm Not What You Call A Blogger, I Just Roast Beans, So Bear With Me, I'm A 1 Man Show Right Now. Thanks To All My Loyal Supporters, That Not Only Give Me Good Feedback, Thorough Reviews, Or Purchase Regularly, But To Everyone That Allows Me To Share My Passion With You. You Are Greatly Appreciated! More Bean Business To Come! It Only Get Better! |_|B