Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Poem | Poetry | National Poetry Month

Earth Day, A Day To Celebrate, National Poetry Month, This Is Great..
Where Do I Start? Where Do I Finish?
Don't Want To Be Late.. Times Up, Let Me Replenish..
Said I Wasn't Done, If You Following Me, Then You Know I Meant It..
Buna I Pour, Means I Represent It. I Mean In Every Sense, The Grounds, The Cup, I Live It

E Is For Mother Earth I Thank On This Day.
A Is For Always Thinking Of Me, Therfore I Pray.
R Is Your Righteous Light That Shines Upon The Face.
T Is For Touching Everyone From So Far, Outer Space.
H Is For Humbling Me As Your Servant
To Spread Awareness Of This Day, Because You Deserve It.

D Is Your Divine Glory, I'm Blessed To Tell My Story.
A Is About Consciously Improving & Keeping You From Worry.
Y Is Yearning My Wheels Turning..
March On, There Is No Returning.
Until Mother Earth Is Safe, I Have My Buna Urn Burning..

Peace & Love This Poem Was Fueled By CushCoffee A Product Of The Coffee Oath
Supporting Artist World Wide..