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03/20/2009 The Lost Interview.. BaristaOnDutY

This month marks 3 years since I was interviewed about being a barista, however the website that originally posted this is no longer in service. In an attempt to preserve my works, I had to dig through my archives to bring you this. Hope you enjoy! Buna cheers!


Subject: Interview With A Barista
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 08:22:11 -0700

Hey Dude! How are you doing? It's me Rob. Here are the interview questions I wanted to post in my blog.

What did you do before you became a Barista?
I was in the military (USMC) small computer system specialist 1993 -2001

What inspired you in becoming a Barista?
I like machinery, was intrigued by the espresso machine in a friends internet cafe.

What does it take to be one?
First and foremost it takes openness, to become a barista it takes patience, and willingness to express oneself to others. A true barista is an artist at heart and can compose drinks based on the energy between the drinker and artist.

Are you planning in participating in a competition?
At this time have no plan of a competition, I have
been putting all my energies into my micro pan roasting, and coffee consulting business.

What advice or tips can you give for Baristas just getting started?
Patience, practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to try new formulas

Do you have any other interests outside the coffee world?
Outside the coffee realm my interest include travel, farming, martial arts, calligraphy, & extreme computing :D.

What type of coffee blend can you suggest to our caffeinated readers?
Hawaiian Kona ~ Ethiopian ~ Kenyan ~ Costa Rican ~ These are my personal favorite!

Thanks for reading! 2012 Expect more! Buna more!! Catch you in the cup |_|B

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