Monday, May 7, 2012

May Rain | Reign | Poetry From The Fields | Yet Another Refill

The story of the reign, as told to the farmer, by the rain.

Mystical, yet you can see it coming.
To work the fields before, during or after the humming

Questions asked by the farmer
Responses in thunder
Often times I wonder

Whats the best method, to express words on my chest
As I'm gardening, working the land to get more, no less

The signs come clearly, as the rain comes down.
Looking at the terrain, after the rain, it's still dry ground
What lies ahead of me is a mountain not a mound
Think this is profound?
Have a sip with me, take a sit down

Think about it, you can prepare for the rain, doesn't mean she'll come
Work your crops too early, and it will have to be redone
Working out in the rain, you may think this is no fun
After the rain is gone, you may get too little or not enough sun

No guarantee on the seeds we sow
We must due diligence, in order for them to grow

That means improvising, adapting to change
So that one day we can reign

What that means to a farmer, is that we all possess the power to make it rain more or less
What matters in your time, is that you give it your best
Now go make it rain, thunder, lighting, no less

Inspired by rain fueled by passion and buna CushCoffee

Poem now open for comments and discussion. The end of the month I will insert my thoughts of the poem. For now I would like to say be inspired! You can do it! Thank you for your comments, I look forward to a discussion cheers & love from BaristaOnDutY & the coffeeoath. |_|B

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