Sunday, October 7, 2012

Untitled Farm Poetry

Feeling Like A Seed, That's Planted & Maybe Stepped On.
Did Some Time Underground, Buried In The Dirt, Planted & Slept On. 
Endured Bad Weather, The Cold, Heat, Drought & Dust Storms. 
Multiple Rainy Seasons, The Floods. Yet I Stayed Strong. 
Deep Rooted In The Cause, Never Washed Away, Too Strong.

Tho Seasons May Change.
Just Remember One Thang.
Purpose Of A Seed That's Planted, Is To Grow. Stay Focused & Maintain.
This My Season To Grind #SipCush On The Brain.
If You Need A Boost, Just Ask, Don't Be Ashamed.
I'm Spitting Lyrical Pollen In Hopes That You Can Picture Frame.
Remember Lessons Now, Cause L8r, It'll Never Be The Same.
My Only Wish Is To Inspire Your Desire So Peep Game.
This Is Not A Test, You Can Do Anything.
Just Use Your BRAIN... #CushLife