Sunday, October 7, 2012

Untitled Farm Poetry

Feeling Like A Seed, That's Planted & Maybe Stepped On.
Did Some Time Underground, Buried In The Dirt, Planted & Slept On. 
Endured Bad Weather, The Cold, Heat, Drought & Dust Storms. 
Multiple Rainy Seasons, The Floods. Yet I Stayed Strong. 
Deep Rooted In The Cause, Never Washed Away, Too Strong.

Tho Seasons May Change.
Just Remember One Thang.
Purpose Of A Seed That's Planted, Is To Grow. Stay Focused & Maintain.
This My Season To Grind #SipCush On The Brain.
If You Need A Boost, Just Ask, Don't Be Ashamed.
I'm Spitting Lyrical Pollen In Hopes That You Can Picture Frame.
Remember Lessons Now, Cause L8r, It'll Never Be The Same.
My Only Wish Is To Inspire Your Desire So Peep Game.
This Is Not A Test, You Can Do Anything.
Just Use Your BRAIN... #CushLife

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cush Coffee Voted Favorite 2012 Coffee Roaster

I would like to thank and congratulate everyone that voted Cush Coffee for favorite Roaster 2012 Daily Shot Of Coffee. Your vote was counted and we appreciate it. Be on the look out for CushCoffee, we are gonna be picking up the pace the remainder of the year, be sure and sign up & follow @CoffeeOath. We have a free buna membership site, full of information and great students of buna culture. We look forward to seeing you there. Come and enjoy member benefits, buna discounts & buna education that's unmatched. From the farmer to the cup, Buna Up! Cheers & thank you once again for voting @CushCoffee A MiltonMade Co.

~ Nashi J. Buna

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July America Celebrate With Awareness

Warrior, For Justice, Peace, & Equality. This Is The "AMERICA" I Stand & Fight For. Until We Become 1 As A Nation We Will Never Be "United" As States Or As People. This Has Been Another Attempt To Fill Your Cup, With Some Real Sips. Advocacy Isn't My Job It's My Duty.Would Love Your Feedback.

Johnny G Milton Jr. USMC 1993-2001

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day | I Pray | Thank You | Poem | Poetry

Coffee Oath

Mothers day I pray, that all mothers worldwide are safe
Peace, love and happiness smiles upon your face
May this day bring you fulfillment and joy for all that you do
Just taking the time out, to say that I love you
Mother earth gave birth to you. Heaven sent
You are my angel, thankful for the times we've spent
Although one day of words can't express how I feel
I hope by reading this, you know that my love is real
You are appreciated, each and every day
I thank Yahweh for you, every time I pray
I acknowledge your strengths, your sacrifices, your loyalty and your love
You are my angel, heaven sent from high up above
Thank you, thank you Mother, the woman I call LOVE

Happy Mothers Day!!..

A dedication to all the mothers in the world. Someone loves, understands, respects & protects you.

Your Sun,

~ Nashi J. Buna

Poetry Powered  By Cups Of Cush Buna

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Rain | Reign | Poetry From The Fields | Yet Another Refill

The story of the reign, as told to the farmer, by the rain.

Mystical, yet you can see it coming.
To work the fields before, during or after the humming

Questions asked by the farmer
Responses in thunder
Often times I wonder

Whats the best method, to express words on my chest
As I'm gardening, working the land to get more, no less

The signs come clearly, as the rain comes down.
Looking at the terrain, after the rain, it's still dry ground
What lies ahead of me is a mountain not a mound
Think this is profound?
Have a sip with me, take a sit down

Think about it, you can prepare for the rain, doesn't mean she'll come
Work your crops too early, and it will have to be redone
Working out in the rain, you may think this is no fun
After the rain is gone, you may get too little or not enough sun

No guarantee on the seeds we sow
We must due diligence, in order for them to grow

That means improvising, adapting to change
So that one day we can reign

What that means to a farmer, is that we all possess the power to make it rain more or less
What matters in your time, is that you give it your best
Now go make it rain, thunder, lighting, no less

Inspired by rain fueled by passion and buna CushCoffee

Poem now open for comments and discussion. The end of the month I will insert my thoughts of the poem. For now I would like to say be inspired! You can do it! Thank you for your comments, I look forward to a discussion cheers & love from BaristaOnDutY & the coffeeoath. |_|B

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Poem | Poetry | National Poetry Month

Earth Day, A Day To Celebrate, National Poetry Month, This Is Great..
Where Do I Start? Where Do I Finish?
Don't Want To Be Late.. Times Up, Let Me Replenish..
Said I Wasn't Done, If You Following Me, Then You Know I Meant It..
Buna I Pour, Means I Represent It. I Mean In Every Sense, The Grounds, The Cup, I Live It

E Is For Mother Earth I Thank On This Day.
A Is For Always Thinking Of Me, Therfore I Pray.
R Is Your Righteous Light That Shines Upon The Face.
T Is For Touching Everyone From So Far, Outer Space.
H Is For Humbling Me As Your Servant
To Spread Awareness Of This Day, Because You Deserve It.

D Is Your Divine Glory, I'm Blessed To Tell My Story.
A Is About Consciously Improving & Keeping You From Worry.
Y Is Yearning My Wheels Turning..
March On, There Is No Returning.
Until Mother Earth Is Safe, I Have My Buna Urn Burning..

Peace & Love This Poem Was Fueled By CushCoffee A Product Of The Coffee Oath
Supporting Artist World Wide..

Monday, April 9, 2012

Poetry The Bean, The Farmer ~ "Crop To Cup"

This poem, is a dedication, to all those individuals and company group efforts that are constantly helping farmers and the communities. It is more than just coffee.

It Seems, Sometimes I'm Bitter, Sometimes I'm Hard.
This Is While I'm Green, It's Safe To Lower Your Guard.
As We Journey On A Trip From Crop To Cup.
I Feel It's Necessary To Talk About The Downs, And Ups.
Before Your Morning Sip, Before You Race Out That Door.
I Will Attempt To Open Your Mind, That's What Coffee Is For.
Before Farmers Existed, We Lived Freely, Ran Grew Wild And Spoke Our Own Language.
Thanks To Our Discovery We Can Now Speak Yours.
Whether Near Or Far, Abroad Or A Tour Coffee Is All Around You, Such A Joy To Behold.
As You Sip Away And Get Lost In Your Cup, Do You Ever Think About How Life Was Before Your 1st Cup?
It's Probably Been So Long Ago
That You May Have Forgotten Or Simply Don't Know.
As We Sit And Sip The Finest Coffees In The Nation
We Sometimes Forget Of The Farmers Occupation
Working For Less Than Minimum Wage, While We Vacation.
Never Thinking Twice About Our Cup Of Creation.
Forget About Relaxing No Appreciation.
As We Gulp Down Our Drink How Often Do We Thank? Or Think Of All The Work That Goes Into Our Drink?
Myself A Slow Sipper, I Like To Explore, And Compare How Beans Differ.
Rather Washed Or Dried, In Their Process
Good, Bad, Which Is The Best?
We All Agree The Farmer Situations Are A Mess
Some Abandoning Crops,Settling For Less.
We Say Go Organic, Because It Will Be Much Better
Fair-trade, Direct-trade, Or You Can Do Whatever!
Regardless Of What You Do, Or Who You Pay,
Know That Farmers Need Our Support Each And Everyday.
Profits Have Been Made Throughout These Years
While Farmers And Their Families Sweat & Shed Tears.
Wondering From Day 2 Day, Pay 2 Pay
If They Will Have To Abandon Their Crop Eventually One Day.
Lets Not Forget Without The Crop There Can Be No Cup.
Next Time You Take A Sip Think Of Me, The Bean, The Farmer, As You Hold Up Your Cup |_|B


The Original Material Full Version
A Huge Thank You To Coffee Responsibly
Peace To The Coffee Oath

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

03/20/2009 The Lost Interview.. BaristaOnDutY

This month marks 3 years since I was interviewed about being a barista, however the website that originally posted this is no longer in service. In an attempt to preserve my works, I had to dig through my archives to bring you this. Hope you enjoy! Buna cheers!


Subject: Interview With A Barista
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 08:22:11 -0700

Hey Dude! How are you doing? It's me Rob. Here are the interview questions I wanted to post in my blog.

What did you do before you became a Barista?
I was in the military (USMC) small computer system specialist 1993 -2001

What inspired you in becoming a Barista?
I like machinery, was intrigued by the espresso machine in a friends internet cafe.

What does it take to be one?
First and foremost it takes openness, to become a barista it takes patience, and willingness to express oneself to others. A true barista is an artist at heart and can compose drinks based on the energy between the drinker and artist.

Are you planning in participating in a competition?
At this time have no plan of a competition, I have
been putting all my energies into my micro pan roasting, and coffee consulting business.

What advice or tips can you give for Baristas just getting started?
Patience, practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to try new formulas

Do you have any other interests outside the coffee world?
Outside the coffee realm my interest include travel, farming, martial arts, calligraphy, & extreme computing :D.

What type of coffee blend can you suggest to our caffeinated readers?
Hawaiian Kona ~ Ethiopian ~ Kenyan ~ Costa Rican ~ These are my personal favorite!

Thanks for reading! 2012 Expect more! Buna more!! Catch you in the cup |_|B

Florida Times Union Article

Daily Shot Of Coffee Interview

The BaristaOnDutY Social Network

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don Francisco's | Gavina Gourmet Coffee | Old Havana Espresso Coffee Pods | Coffee Notes

Good day sippers!
Today I will be sharing with you some coffee notes from a coffee company by the name of Don Francisco's. I will share with you my personal findings of their Gavina gourmet coffee line. These notes are specific to the ESE pods, also know as Easy Serving Espresso. The particular cafe we will report on is their own personal family blend "Old Havana" espresso.

This is what Gavina says about their espresso

Old Havana Espresso was created by our master roaster in the old country, following our family's 135 year tradition of roasting authentic Cuban espresso. Sip it rich, short and strong — add a cube of sugar to sip it Cuban style. Packed airtight for freshness

I tested this espresso over a three month span. Shows how rigorous and serious our test are here at #BODY bean development & @CushCoffee Labs. The purpose of these tests were for 1st and foremost,quality, then for consistency.Of course it would have been harder to test had the espresso been in regular bean packaging. Each espresso pod is packed individually for maximum freshness. That's what the product promises to deliver.

Inspection of the packaging

The packs are sealed airtight, no degas valve of any sort.The pack also has some play in it, where it's not completely flat there is gas from the ground coffee within the pod.There was no indication on their website that they packed the pods with other gas to stabilize or maximize the freshness or shelf life. Coffee can give off gases weeks after it has been roasted. Before I get too technical, let me get to my coffee notes. Let's talk delivery and taste.

Upon opening each pod pack I did an inspection for aroma consistency. I picked up light spice aroma, as well as citrus and heavy cherry on the fragrance. These notes were consistent throughout my three month testings. It's safe to say in the fragrance/aroma department the espresso delivery was consistent, time after time.

Everyone in the coffee world says the perfect espresso should be a balance of creama and taste.
For those unfamiliar, creama is the actual top layer of foam created in the espresso brewing cycle. Also this is to be the mark of what espresso is, so no creama, no espresso or bad espresso. I'm no espresso expert, just saying what the professionals say. With that being said all of the shots I pulled delivered a smooth velvety well textured bronze creama. It is also safe to say that this espresso passed in the delivery of appearance.It looked like an espresso. Personally I'm about the taste. Let's get down to the sip!

The cup aroma mimicked the dry pod smell test, only a bit more intensified. The fragrance held that citrus smell, as well as the cherry and light spice, even got a bit of caramel in the nose.
The sip was very alive - a nice citrus zing that makes you get goose bumps upon sipping it. Not to mention it has a mouth watering element when combine with the cherry flavor. It really makes you think. Cherry, lemon yes a sweet, cherry, lemon, light spice with hidden caramel complexities. A nice balance of flavor contrasts that compliment the cup. This is not your "standard" dark roasted, burnt, smokey espresso. This one has character and is packed conveniently in an ESE pod for your travelling or just for an easy clean up at home.

I would highly recommend this espresso for someone who is looking for something different,or change in taste profile from your "standard normal" espresso. You can't beat the quality and convenience of this espresso pod. Trust me, I know my stuff, take my word. I only mention this, because I know there are critics out there who challenge the science of ESE technology. It's as consistent as it gets - never over or under extract again. I also challenge anyone that has a home espresso machine that is ESE compliant to try them. I'll even send you a couple for free to try and comment back here with your results. Lastly, I would like to say I smoke a cigar occasionally and love pairing with a variety of coffees. I recommend this espresso blend to my cigar lovers. This pairs great with medium cigars, add a dash of sugar and you'll be transported back to "Old Havana" Best of all, it does come in whole bean form as well!

Anyone wishing to take the Gavina taste test challenge, leave a comment below indicating your interest or contact me via twitter @BaristaOnDutY. Espresso pod packs are limited, so its a 1st come 1st serve. Remember you must have a home or professional espresso machine that is ESE compliant to use these pods. Thanks guys! Until next time, stay sipping! Peace & Love Ur #BODY

Special Note: This review exercises the capabilities of #BODY. We offer roasted coffee, green coffee evaluations, equipment evaluations as well as consulting services. For product evaluations send products to contact info below or contact us directly for inquiry or other needs via website Thanks!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 200K @DJSAMHOUSE A #TEAMHOUSE Happy Valentine's Day Celebration!!

Custom Roasted Cush Coffee
DJ Sam House Studio Session

Good day everyone. I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog to congratulate our friend @djsamhouse on his milestone accomplishment of reaching 200k followers on twitter. BIG Shout Out #TEAMHOUSE! Sam keep rocking the house. If you are a regular follower, you know how much I love music. What better way to cross advertise, than putting two of my greatest loves together musiccoffee.

DJ Sam approved of the celebration. He has tried @CushCoffee products as well as @shinydigm Soaps! I mention these names as they are the sponsors for this particular contest giveaway! This is our second coffee giveaway @BaristaOnDutY for 2012, we aim to bring awareness to light with our farmers, veterans, and communities in general. This is only the beginning of showing ways we at #BODY exhibit our will to exist and strive to be a transparent working model of actively giving back and creating awareness.  Expect our list of sponsors to grow with future contest!

The contest is simple, dj sam will announce, when he will be mixing live. All you have to do is join in on the live broadcast then Tweet " Win free @cushcoffee by Celebrating with @djsamhouse #Sam200K live! #TEAMHOUSE Details "

There will be 5 winners, each winner will receive a 4oz bag of custom roasted Cush Coffee. This is a world wide celebration, so everyone is invited to play along!! Comments below will also count as an entry. Be sure to include your twitter handle. Thanks guys for playing & Happy Valentine's Day!!

**Special Note: Contest will begin on @djsamhouse mark and end at the time of mixing session. Winners will be announced the day after tallying all entries. Thanks again!! Happy listening and happy sipping!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Pour A Tree Flow 2012

It's to be written CushCoffee - My mission
Whether spitting or sipping, you can catch me gripping.

My cup over flowing  hot buna, never missing. Opportunities like kids, need teaching.
I said evangelist, so now I guess I'm preaching., if you follow my history you know why I'm speaking.

Born a farmer, still a farmer. Still searching still reaching. Still on the battlefield, never ceasing.
Planting seeds, an endless journey, even when we're reaping. Can never prepare enough for that next season.

The weather changes as do people. Ask God to bless my seedlings. That they may grow and never stray. I vow to keep the weeds away. All I can do is nurture you, ask God to do the rest. Until next time, know I grind, for you & do my best.

God Bless


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cush Coffee | Custom Roasted | Kenya AA+ Coffee Notes

Cush Coffee Custom Roasted Kenya AA+ 

Good day sippers!
Today I bring to you a coffee that is no stranger to the coffee world, it's Kenya AA+, a coffee that is from one of the top 10 coffee growing regions. Kenyan coffee is known for it's wine characteristics, citrus (grapefruit) bliss and chocolate nuances. More importantly it's known for the strict processing guide lines. You can almost bet on the label, if it says Kenya, it's gonna be a a great experience provided it has been roasted properly. The mills do everything possible to ensure they are delivering quality coffee to the consumers. Let's say once the coffees get the grade, they are processed accordingly. Kenya also has some of the highest priced coffee lots, if that says any thing about their hard work and great tasting coffee. Lets get into some coffee notes shall we?

I roasted this Kenyan on the 18th of this month. Kenyan coffee has a nice range for roasting. Depending on your palate you can easily roast a medium to a dark roast, and have a satisfying cup of coffee. I took this coffee right up to the 2nd crack to unleash the power of the sweet pot! I sometimes roast well into the 2nd crack which makes for a great single origin espresso. Other roast levels can be used as espresso as well, just depends on how much you like to squeeze your citrus! Yes this is an alive coffee that will wake up the sleepiest palate.

Our method of brew madness was the French press, with a steep time of 5mins. From the bag, the beans had a nice sweet, nutty toasted smell. The appearance was medium dark, with slight oil on the surface. After grinding the beans, we got a nice dark berry aroma, along with a some mouth watering citrus smell. After we poured water of the grounds, we got even more intense berry, citrus and some sweet caramel, that kept things interesting.
Kenya AA+ French Press Method
Drum roll for the taste! We got and nice plum reminiscent, invited by a citrus play, and a chocolaty finish. The body was nice and heavy, not quite syrup, but syrup-like. Over all a great tasting coffee. A year ago today Coffee Kween said it best, with her informative cupping session. Check it out here Complexity & Balance . Another special mention and coffee review from Mike Crimmins , he rated the Kenya AA coffee a 4.5 Out Of 5. Be sure and check both reviews out, and come back with your thoughts. Have you tried a Kenyan coffee? What were your thoughts? If you are interested in a bag of  Kenya AA, feel free to stop by my online store and purchase a 6oz bag of custom roasted for $11. That's right custom roasted, the way you want it! Until next sip, thank you for sipping with me. Peace.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kohana Coffee | Slow Roasted Coffee | Waialua Estate Select Reserve | Coffee Notes

Good day happy sippers!
Today I bring to you a coffee from a well known coffee region known for having some of the highest priced coffees, as well as top rated in taste tests. Today I bring to you Waialua Estate - Select Reserve from none other than the coffee gurus at Kohana Coffee . The same guys that are known for their exclusive Hawaiian coffee lots as well as putting the "slow down" in a cup of coffee.

I received my coffee a few days before Christmas, so I had the perfect coffee gift. However, I have been so busy with farming and coffee life in general, I hadn't had a chance to "slow down" and sip the coffee until today. What a perfect 'Friday unwind and relax' coffee to do it with. Before I go any further, I would like to thank the whole Kohana Coffee Team for sending me this great coffee.  Also for all the hard work they are putting into their products and the efforts with farming sustainability. Thank you, Nate For your motivation and grind time hustle. To Piper, thanks for your inspiration, words of encouragement, and believing in me, you are appreciated.

Tasting time! I'll start now with my method of madness, so that you can better understand my notes. I started with about 14grams of coffee. I used my Virtuoso Baratza grinder set on 30 to get a coarse grind. I used my small 10 ounce french press as my brewer of choice. I also used hot water temperature of 200 degrees with a steep time of 4 1/2 minutes. Also to note - a little stir at the end of the hot water pour to ensure all grounds are properly wet. Some stir at the end of the steeping cycle, neither method is right or wrong. It's all about you and your taste preferences, and what yields you your "best" extraction.
Waialua Estate Select Reserve

The first thing I noticed was the sweet, toasty, & nutty aroma. I found it to be very enticing - a 'take a deep breath' kind of moment. I then noticed the color of the beans. My eyes detected a medium roast, with very slight oil in the appearance.

After grinding the coffee I noticed a heavy cherry fragrance with a slight citrus smell, accompanied by the toasted nuttiness. The cherry fragrance stood out the most. I'm thinking because this was a dry/natural processed coffee. Meaning that the beans had more contact with the fruit of the bean. In this case the beans are sun-dried on the plant, then processed.
Stirred French Press Of Kohana Coffee

My initial tastes of this coffee, was a nice bright cup! Not overwhelmingly bright, but the acidity play was alive, very vibrant. This coffee had a nice balance of cherry flavors, rustic toasted nuts, and a subtle back end of chocolate, with the citrus remaining on the tongue. This coffee had a nice clean finish, almost as if it's requesting sip after sip, to remain in the moment.

As this coffee cooled, it became sweeter. I also noticed more fruity play. I picked up some date nuances, as well as some light cinnamon. This coffee truly tells the story of an Island coffee, provided you have the time to slow down and listen. I took this coffee one  step further and put just a little sugar in to see how it would change. All I can say is wow! I then got some extra notes of sugar cane, which I know a lot about sugar cane, having growing up on a farm, and harvesting it. I did some research and found that, this coffee was grown on lands that was used to grow sugar cane years ago. I thought that was a great find in my coffee cup. I wont speculate whether the coffee picked up those notes from the grounds or the way it was processed. I will say this, it's not everyday you find a coffee, even after adding sugar with sugar cane notes.

Overall, this was an excellent coffee. I would recommend having it in the evening time. I only say this because, you want to be able to enjoy the coffee. This is a limited coffee, I highly recommend it. For $15.73 a 12oz bag of great tasting Hawaiian coffee, You cant go wrong!

Kohana Coffee Cup Notes: Dried fruit fragrance, smooth, full body chocolate character and strong pleasant finish.

Additional BODY Drip Coffee Notes: Dark deep fruit, more berry than fruity, chocolate, with mild acidity finish. A well balanced cup, straight forward complexity.

Special Note: I received this coffee from Kohana Coffee, as a gift. I was not paid or asked to do a coffee review. I use this review as a "Thank You" & to exercise the capabilities of #BODY. We offer roasted coffee, green coffee evaluations, equipment evaluations as well as consulting services. For product evaluations send products to contact info below or contacts us directly for inquiry or other needs via email Thanks!

#BODY CushCoffee     Or     MiltonMade Reviews
P.O Box 4                              158 Milton St
Folkston, GA 31537              Folkston, GA 31537

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January O12 BaristaOnDutY Reporting For Duty..

Good day my Cushlings,
I hope you all are well, and full of great tasting coffee as you are reading this post, as you will need it for my ramble. 1st I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. This is my 1st post for the year of O12. I'm excited for what we have in store this year. I would like to take the time to give my monthly update, and hopefully give a little more insight of the happenings @ #BODY / CushCoffee.

The beginning of the month, we took a trip to Atlanta to make a purchase of some green coffee. I love taking road trips, especially coffee related ones. We purchased 30lbs of Brazilian coffee, as well as 90lbs of Sumatra. Need I say I'm ready to roast! I have already roasted some samples and they passed the tests. It's time to go live with them & send them for further testing.

One of the highlights, while visiting Atlanta, was my trip to the Dancing Goats cafe in Decatur. I happened to go at the right time. It was Friday the 6th. The surprise that awaited me was that Batdorf Coffee Roasters holds coffee tastings every Friday around 1pm. I got to try their 4 coffees on the table, as well as try their Kenyan coffee in the clever drip, an espresso, also Costa Rican Drip. I purchased some (2) mugs, and some (5) pour over drippers. Need I say I had a great time, and looking forward to their future cuppings. I plan to make at least 1 a month, I will get more in detail about them in the future. Anyone wanting to make the trip for an educational coffee crawl, just say when!
Dancing Goats Cafe Decatur  Cupping Table

Today was another great day this month for Cush Coffee & the entire #BODY Team. We did our 1st interview podcast this evening with Mike Crimmins, the man behind the DSOC Kitchen. Hopefully you all will get something positive from the interview. I was way too caffeinated, if there is such a thing. Be on the lookout for the podcast  due to drop next week. This just about wraps it up for now. I just wanted to let you guys know, we the BODY are still grinding for you the consumer, and the farmer. Thank you all for your support. Happy New Year!! I look forward to serving you this year! Till next time, I'm Cush & I'm Out! Peace..