Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Just Coffee" Poetry Month 2O11

Just Coffee Someone Asked Me For.
If Farmers Are Suffering, Can't Build Communities, How Can It Be "Just Coffee?" Need I Say More?
I'll Make My Point Clear, I'll Get Straight To The Point. No Need For Dull Talk This Is Sharp.
Written Without Pencil Lead - Can't Be Erased - Communication Point To Point.
Speak In Code Daily. Try To Coffee Edit Me.
I'll Be Back With More Coffee Just Wait And See.
I Build From The Grounds That You Have Torn Down, To Make Myself Clear Used Coffee Grounds That You Trashed Away.
I Recycled Them All, Each And Everyday.
Filters N Grounds All The Same.While You Were Bean Wasteful, Non Eco-Friendly, You Should Feel Ashamed.
It's O.K I Forgive You. Just Remember The Name.
Treat Your Coffee Right, So That We May Have Just Coffee..

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