Monday, December 14, 2009


I Was Recently Followed By @EtienneBlends On Twitter A Douwe Egberts Coffee Company What Make's This Such A Great Experience For Me Is That I Never Heard Of The Company Until A Week Ago. I Went To The Airport JAX, To See My Wife N 2 Princesses Off For The Holidays, And Guess What I Discover On The Way To The Gate ? That's Right Douwe Egberts Coffee, It Was Being Served In A Quiznos Sub Shop. I Asked The Cashier What Coffees They Had, He Replied Regular N Decaf, Which Was Fine For Me. I Had Went To DE Website And Watched A Few Informative Videos On The Company. They Seemed To Be Very Passionate About The Coffee. I Mean They've Been In Business Since 1753, So They Have Had Plenty Of Time To Figure Things Out. I Must Say Based On The Coffee That Was Served, They Have The System Down. I'm Not Easily Impressed By Regular Drip Coffees Served At Non Coffee Shops. It's Very Hard To Find A Good Coffee. I Mean It's Hard Enough Getting Good Coffee At A Coffee Shop Nowadays. The Coffee Was Great Tasting In Flavor Very Smooth No Bitterness What So Ever. I Wanted To Pair It With A Donut, But There Were None Available, I Will Say It Went Rather Nicely With My Pizza. Next Time Ur At The JAX Airport Look For Them, I'm Sure They Are In Some Of Your Local Grocery Stores. This Was A Great Coffee I'd Have It For An All Day Coffee, It's Just That Mellow N Smooth, Reminds Me Of Me :D C|_| Enjoy Your Coffee Guys, It Has Bean Fun :P

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don Franciscos Holiday Blend

I Will First Start By Saying I'm Not Much On Blended Coffees, Nor Preground Coffee, I Point These Two Thing Out Mainly Because The Both Have To Be Considered Carefully Because They Ultimately Affect The Outcome Of The Brew ;). Let's Get To It, Shall We?I Started Off By Brewing This Coffee The Same Method I Brew All Of My Personal Coffee In My Commercial Brewer, I Have A 2.2L Carafe So I Used The Same Measures That I Use. Upon Opening The Package I Was Greeted By A Nice Aroma, That Reminded Me Of Dark Spice Chocolate N Caramel Even Some Floral Notes. Yes I Was A Bit Overwhelmed With So Much Coming At Me, But It Was In A Good Way.

This Coffee Is A Blend Of Central N South American Coffees. I Will Be The 1st To Say It's Been A While Since I've Had Any Of Those Coffees. Now For The 1st Sip This Coffee Was Very Hard To Pin Point, Which All The More Makes For An Interesting Coffee Blend.I Will Only Give A General Experience Review Of What I Thought Of This Coffee. It's Definitely A Holiday Coffee, Heck A Great Breakfast Coffee Period. This Coffee Has Hints Of Carmel, Chocolate, Spices, Light Floral, Earthy. Really This Coffee Is That Intriguing, Like A Maze Or Puzzle. It Does Have A Bite, Not A Bitter One, Lets Say You Know Ur Drinking Coffee. Nice Coffee Aftertaste Of Smokiness Bliss. This Is A Definite Recommend For Coffee Lovers That Love That Strong Flavor Of Coffee. I'll Say This Coffee Is Strong Enough For A Man, But Also Intriguing Enough For A Woman. I Really Am Enjoying This Experience, While I Write. I Would Also Like To Mention Don Francisco Is 1 Of 3 Coffees That I Buy That Are Not My Own. Which 2 Me Says A Great Deal About Their Company And Quality.

I'm Not A Coffee Reviewer Nor Am I On A Quest To Write About Other Companies Coffees, I Just Feel It's Only Appropriate To Share My Good Coffee Experiences With You. I Get A Lot Of Coffee Love And I Give A Lot Back. I Actually Feel Like Coffees Little Brother. I Thank My Big Brother N Sister Coffee Companies. You Make Me Who I Am, Without A Role Model Where Would I Be? I Also Thank You All For The Knowledge You Guys Hand Down To Me, I Will Always Be A Rebel Renegade Coffee Apostle I Guess It's My Destiny. Don't Be Surprised If A Settle Down And Join A Coffee Church Fitting Of My Coffee Beliefs C|_| Thanks You Readers~ And A Big Thank You To Mike Gavina For Ur Words Of Inspiration And Ur Passion For Coffee.

In My Closing Words I Would Like To Say Readers If You Are The Flavor Type Coffee Person You Have To Try Don Francisco Vanilla Nut It Was Actually The 1st Flavored Coffee I Drank And Didn't Consider It A Flavor! I Was New In The Flavor Game What Can I Say! It Is An Awesome Coffee!. BODY Was Not Paid Any Green Coffee Beans, Coffee Bags, Coffee Labels, Coffee Equipment, Or Monies For His Honesty. I Received A Birthday/Christmas/Holiday Gift From A Friend & Decided I'd Share My Happiness, With You. I Mean After All That's What Coffee Is About. I Couldn't Be Writer If The World Of Coffee Depended On It! Well Maybe I Could..Take Care Guys Hope You Enjoyed C|_|

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cappuccino vs. Cafe’ Latte

Capuccino vs. Cafe Latte

What Makes PAN ROASTing Coffee Different ?

In An Attempt To Not Only Clear Up, But Also Explain The Madness Behind My Obsession With PAN Roasted Coffee. 1st I Would Like To Say This Method Isn't For Everyone, For One It Takes Lots Of Patience N Time, I'm Sorry Some Of Us Don't Have That. I Mean We All Have Different Life Styles. It Is My Goal To Allow My Drinker To Journey With Me In A Day Of Patient Slow Roasting Technique An Unforgettable Experience. Relax Enjoy The Coffee, Some Things Are Still Made Good, The Old Fashioned Way. Remember When You Were Young When You Didn't Have A Care In The World? Well My Friend I Want U To Rewind Back Then And Have A Sip With Me, Provided You Have The Time. This Isn't A Job 4 Me, this Is A Passion, N A Celebration Of Me Living My Life. Now That You Get A Lil Bit Of The Picture I'm Trying To Paint, I'll Explain What Makes PAN Roasted Coffee Different. Don't Worry If U Don't Understand Everything I'm Saying I Will Explain In Later Blogs Take It One Page At A Time,Skipping Pages Isn't Allowed. Remember I Want You To Sip With Me. Gulping Hot Coffee Isn't Wise. So Now For All You That Wonder, I Will Not Say That My PAN Roasted Coffee Is The Best Coffee Nor Will I Say It's Better Than The Next Coffee, But I Will Say It Is The Most Unique Experience You Will Ever Embark On In The Coffee World. Meet Man vs Machine. It Is Important For Me To Say There Are Several Companies In The Coffee World I Admire. Who Knows Honestly I Can See My Name On Some Of Their Coffee Labels Guess I Have An Eye For The Future.I Will Always Own A PAN, But I Have Much Bigger Plans ;). Does Anyone Know The Perfect Person? If So I'd Like To Know Them Too! Well Truth Is Even Perfect Is A Matter Of Opinion Not Necessarily Based On Facts.With My PAN Roasting Methods I Don't Seek Perfection I Seek Uniqueness. In Short Coffee Is A Very Complex Beverage, I'll Leave All The Complexities N Number Figures To The Experts. Lets Say U Have 10 Coffee Beans And All Of Them Are The Same Bean Roasted The Same Way, That Would Make For A Uniformed Cup Of Coffee Right? Now Lets Say U Take 5 Of Those 10 Coffee Beans And Roast Each Of Them A Different Time, So Now You Have 1/2 Same & 1/2 Totally Abstract. Now Where Is The Uniformity Well Lets Say The Uniformity Equations Has Now Gotten Broader There Is Now Uniformity In The Total Batch Because They Are All Different But In Uniform Like People You See, Each Of My PAN Roasted Beans Has It's Own Voice, Even Though It Was In The PAN The Same Amount Of Time As All Others, The Results Can Never Be The Same Bean, Because I'm Not A Machine, So From A Complexity Stand Point PAN Roasted Coffee Should Be Harder To Pin Point Some Notes, Just Because Of The Way It's Process, That Doesn't Mean PAN Roasting Is Better, Just Means For All You Explores Out There That Like Being Adventurous Come On Over And Take A Trip On The Wild Side. I Promise To Hold Ur Hand If That's What It Takes, Free Your Mind Free Your Beans. The BEAN BODY Has Spoken... Hope U Guys Got Something Out Of My Coffee Ground Chatter C|_| Peace N Great Coffee! You'll Be Hearing More Bean Chatter As Soon As I Get A Writer..HaHa

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Heritage Lives Strong DON FRANCISCO'S

Today I Receive A Very Special Package From A Coffee Friend On Twitter @CoffeeQuest Aka Mike Gavina. What Makes This Such A Special Gift Is That Being A Nano PAN Roaster, I Tend To Get Over Looked By The Big Guys, I Shouldn't Say Over Looked, But In A World Of Machine Vs Man, Man Tends To Always Have The Underhand, Unless Of Course He's The Man That Made The Machine. Or Is Behind The Machine... On With Coffee I Received A Can Of Don Francisco's Vanilla Nut Coffee,Some Hawaiian Hazelnut, As Well As Some Of The Holiday Blend. The Packaging Was An Inspiration For Me, Because I Do A Lot Of Recycling And Lack The Funding To Be Able To Have Fancy Packaging,It's Very Important For My Coffee To Stand Out In Taste.I Want To Be Honest In This Blog And Say I'm Not That Flavor Coffee Type At All, So Years Ago When I Started Learning About Coffee I Happen To Pick Up A Can Of This Don Francisco's Vanilla Nut, Because I Was Really New To The Flavor I Didn't Consider It A Flavor. I Just Thought Is Was Roasted With A Vanilla Nut Or Something HaHa. Hands Down It Was Just A Great Tasting Coffee, So I Always Would Look For It In The Stores, I Would Actually Get Upset When I Couldn't Find It.After I Started Roasting My Own Coffee, If I Was Too Lazy To Roast, I Would Always Go Get A Can Of This Great Tasting Coffee,Becuase My Family Had Become Dependent On Me Being The Coffee Provider And Entertainer, Not Knowing That Someday I Would Befriend One Of The Heirs To This Coffee Legacy, Now That In Itself Is Quite A Story, For Me I've Only Been In This Field About 10yrs, Whereas Don Francisco's Has Over 135 yrs Behind Their Love For Coffee, N Honestly You Can Taste It In Their Coffee. I Know This May Be A Shock To Some That Know Me And My Coffee PAN Roasting Fresh Anti PreGround Coffee. I'm Unsure Of All Of The Processing Methods Use At Gavinas, But I'm Certain They Are Among The Highest Standards. Not Only Are Don Francisco's Coffees Rare, But The Their Company Is Also A Founding Member Of The Specialty Coffee Association Of America (SCAA). I Would Also Like To Point Out That This Company Started Out Very Much Like Me Selling Door To Door And Just Sharing The Wonderful Joy N Love For Coffee. It Just Shows Me That With Passion Anything Is Possible I Look Forward To Enjoying My Coffee I Received, I Also Am Looking Forward To Learning From A Company That Has So Much Experience, One Thing I Have Learned Is That There Is Always Something To Learn In Coffee, I Guess That One Of The Greatest Things About It. Coffee Has No Boundaries, And There Are No Substitutes For A Good Cup Of Coffee. I Invite You All To Visit DON FRANCISCO'S They Have Plenty Of Wonderful Coffee Gift Baskets, Also U Don't Have To Take My Word For Their Products 135+ Years I Think That Speaks For It Self. I Would Like To Thank My Friend Mr. Gavina, Once Again For His Generosity. What A Great Christmas Gift C|_|

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Holidays From BaristaOnDutY N FlamesOfThePhoenix

In An Attempt To Busy My Wife For The Holidays, Not That She Isn't Busy With My 2 Princesses Malinda Phoenix N Keziah Ray :D I Thought What Would Be A Better Way To Promote Her Crafts Than For Me To Create A Holiday Blog With Warez Under $20, The Thing I Like About This Particular Idea Is It's Great For Male N Female. I Love Candles & I Love Not Only Handmade Soap, But Functional Soap, All Products Are Handcrafted By My Wife Adanma. I Will Extend This Holiday Promotional Sale Until The 19th Or Her Current Stock Runs Out, With The Holidays You Don't Want To Wait Until The Last Minute. Feel Free To Msg Me If You Have Any Questions. Currently The Candles We Offer Are 5oz Soy, Blueberry, Mulberry, & Pumpkin Spice. Soaps Are 4oz Bars Unscented, Oatmeal, Citrus, Lemon Grass, Rosemary Mint, Lavender, Tea Tree & Kelp. The Gift Set Includes 2 Soaps 1 Candle All For $16 Price Includes Shipping & Handling. For Multiple 3 Or More Gift Sets We Can Also Work Out A Bulk Pricing.Before I Forget We Do Have More Fragrances For The Candles, I'm Only Listing What Has Already Been Created. We Can Accommodate Special Request.Last But Not Least As A Thank You From Ur BODY aka BaristaOnDutY.Each Order Will Contain A Special Handcrafted Pan Roasted Coffee, Whole Bean From A 2oz Sampler To A 6oz Bag, Maybe More, Depends On You. I'll Leave The Coffee In Ur Hands. Thanks For All Ur Continued Support. Oh Yeah I Didn't Tell My Wife About This U Think I'll Get In Trouble? Well If I Do It Wont Be Anything New! Happy Holidays Please Feel Free To Convo Me or Contact My Wife At Soap Descriptions

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Barista On Duty

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Barista On Duty – What I’m Drinking

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Veterans Day Salute c|_|

Today I Would Like To Honor, All My Fellow Brothers & Sisters That Fought For This Country We Live In. Thanks For Your Service, This Marine Salutes Each & Every One Of You.I Am Blessed To Share 4 Great Days This Month Marine Corp Birthday 10th Veterans Day 11th & Thanksgiving & My Birthday On The 26th. I Wanted To Give As Much Coffee Away As I Could This Month In Celebration Of My Special Days. Please Leave A Salute To Ur Veteran, Or Just A Comment To All Veterans 2 Be Entered To Win A Free Bag Of My Personal Pan Roasted Hand Crafter Coffee! Thank You All For Your Support GOD Bless You All, & If You Ever Need A Friend, A Protector, A Real BODY, Call On Ur Friend The BaristaOnDutY, Once A Marine Always I Marine, I'm Here To Serve All, I'm Dedicated To Freedom, & World Wide Peace.Thanks! Semper Fi!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

BODY #Whatsinurcup Coffee Notes ! Share Ur Experience With Ur BODY

This Morning I Woke Up To My Usual Routine Of CoffeeING, I Normally Wake Up To A Cup Of Coffee From The Previous Day, Because Of My Commercial Brewer. I Normally Brew 1 Full 2.2L Carafe. Depends On How Much My Wife Helps Me Drink, I Normally Have A Few Cups For The Next Day.The Reason For This Is I Test The Quality Of Fresh Beans & How Well They Stand Up In A Carafe. These Are My Own Testing Preferences, What Can I Say (Coffee Weirdo).Mind You My Day Old Coffee Tastes Better Than Most Places Fresh Out The Brew Coffee, I Kid You Not!.The Purpose Of This Blog Is For Me To Record My Tasting Notes From When I Decide To Cup :D. Please Feel Free To Record Ur Notes Here As Well Under Comments. They Will Be Useful, That Way We Can Compare Notes From All Coffees! Thanks For CoffeeING With Ur BODY. Now Tell Me #whatsinurcup !? Don't Be Shy Express Your Thoughts! There Are No Wrong Ways To Express How Ur Coffee Tastes, OR How It Makes You Feel.Lets Spill The Beans Shall We?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today In BODY News

Today Was Good Bean Day , I Roasted Up Orders 4 Quite A Few People, Let's See, NV, FL, PA,MI,NC. All My Roasting Processes Were Executed Flawlessly, As Usual, If It's Not Right, ReDo It! Coffee Beans Can Be An Expensive Lesson, So It's Better To Learn Quickly You Can't Afford To Mess Up, Or If You Mess Up You Drinking The Bad Batches, Honestly I Can't Say That I Have Had To Drink Many Bad Batches.This Post Is Mainly For Me To Explain To My Coffee Reviewers That Will Receive Coffee This Weekend Or Early Next Week, I Ran Into A Lil Bit OF A Problem With My Normal Shipping Bags, Which Actually May Benefit You Guys, From A Bean Perspective, Each Of You Were Gonna Receive 1 6oz Bag Of My Choice For You To Review, Due To My Bag Restrictions, I Had To Use My Personal Home Bags, Which For Me I Feel Is Good Because Based On Ur Review Of The Coffee Quality, When U Receive It. I Will Know Not To Ever Ship That Way Again. I Don't Normally Ship In The Bags You Will Receive Unless Someone Request A Sample Of A Coffee Their Not Ordering, I Haven't Had Any Negative Feedback As Of Yet. Long Story Short YOU May Review The Packaging If You Like, But I Don't Sell Packaging, Just Good Coffee, If The Bags I Sent Compromises Ur Review, I Guess I'll Learn From It. O.K So There Is No Surprise I Sent 3 Individual 2oz Bags 4 Ur Review All 3 Different Coffees, If You Choose You Can Blog About All 3 Or Just Ur Coffee Experience In General, I Decided After I Was Short On Bags, 2 Ship This Way, That Way You Could Decide Ur Personal Favorite.(If Any) I Personally Recommend The French Press For Tasting Or Be Creative Surprise Me! All Of You Know What You Like, So Have At It Happy Coffeeing. After Ur Blog Reviews Are Up, I'd Like To Maybe Hold A Free Coffee Contest On Veterans Day, Provided You Guys Have Your Reviews Up. No Rush Next Month Is My Birthday So We Can Host A Giveaway Between Veterans Day & Thanksgiving(My Birthday) To Give All Ur Viewers A Chance To Participate. All Of This Is Optional On Your Part, I Can RT All Of Your Blogs Info On My Coffee Review If I Have To. Thank All Of You For Participating In My Birthday Giveaway~ More To Come I'll Keep You Posted. Any Ideas Are Appreciated. I Just Wanna Roast Coffee c|_|

Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Coffee Club Membership~

Hello World, I Am Now Officially In The Testing Phase Of My Coffee Membership Club!! That Means For All My Members You Will Be Getting A Special Treat!My Current Goal Is To Reach 100 Memberships.There Will Also Be Opportunity For Members That Refer Others To Take Part N My Bean Business Once It Reaches The Level Beandom. I Will Be Introducing Stock N My Company, That Will Be N The Form Of Coffee Beans, As The Business Grows, My Coffee Stocks, Will Convert Into Cash, You Are And Will Also Be Able To Purchase Coffee Stock. To Find Out More About My Coffee Club Membership, And More Info On How You Can Become Part Of An Artisan Coffee Movement, Feel Free To Join Me On My Coffee Network Let's Get This Coffee Cracking!!Till Next Time~ I Am Your Roaster, Your Barista, And I'm On DUTY