Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Christmas Week I Received A Nice Warm Gift Of Coffee From A Coffee Friend Piper Jones aka @KohanaCoffee On Twitter. Her Coffees Can Be Found Here KohanaCoffee For Now This Is Just A Brief Overview Of The Coffees I Received. I Received 3 Coffees ,All Of Which We're Great Tasting Coffees, However If All Coffee Taste The Same There Wouldn't Be A Need For Me To Write My Notes. These Are General Tasting Notes For Me To Keep Track Of Things In My Coffee World, It's Easier For Me To Write On A Blog, Where Anyone Can Comment Or Share They're Own Personal Notes, Which I Encourage. Now On With The Coffee, I Will Start By Saying The Coffee That Surprised Me The Most Was The Rocking Like Austin. This Coffee Was A Blend Also A Dark Roast, Very Complex Coffee, Very Smooth And Satisfying. As I Remember It Paired Very Nicely With My Donuts, Also Paired Great With My Macanudo Maduro Cigar. Next Up For Bat Was The Kohana Blend Very Lively Cup Up Coffee, This Was A Blend Of A Few Different Coffees As Well As Roast Profiles, That Yielded A Med Roast. I Have To Note This Was A Bit Of An Artistic Blend However, I Will Need More Testing On This One To Give Better And Accurate Notes, Very Live Great Morning Cup. Last Not Least On The List Was Organic Ethiopian Harrar Dark Roast, This Coffee Really Speaks For Itself In Terms Of What To Expect, It's A Single Origin Coffee Nice Dark Chocolaty, Blue/Black Berry Under Tones Very Well Rounded Cup Of Coffee, Always A Crowd Favorite. So To Sum All The Coffee Up If I Had To Choose 1 Coffee For Breakfast, Definitely The Lively KohanaBlend. For A Midday Or Evening Coffee I'd Choose The Harrar. Now As Far As A All Day Coffee, And I Say This Because Of It's Complexities Not To Under-mind The Other 2 Coffees, But The Rocking Like Austin Is What I Look For In A Cup Of Coffee It's That Can't Put Ur Finger On It And That's What I Love About A Coffee, Those Coffees That Catch U By Surprise. So If Ur Thinking After Reading This You Wanna Try A Kohana Coffee That Will Not Let You Down, And Have U Asking For More I'll Make It Easy For You To Get It. In Ur Face! Rockin Like Austin Hope You Enjoyed My Coffee Ramblings . '** A Note To Self All Coffees Were Prepared Using Commercial Drip, Also Drank Black, Then With Cream Light Sugar.