Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Poetry

Fathers Day Fathers Day, It's About Birth.. I'm Thankful To My Father, That Placed Me On Earth...
GOD The Father, GOD Son, GOD The Holy Ghost,
I'm A Father, I'm A Son, To HIM I Give The MOST...
High Praise, & Thank You For Your Love, And Mercy
I Thank You For All The Things You Are, & What I'm Striving For, I Thank You GOD, For Giving Me Life And So Much More..
I Thank You For My Family I Thank You For My Friends To You GOD The Father I Will Be Grateful Till The End..
Now To My Earthly Father, No Fathers You Know, The REAL Men, I Would Like To Hold Out My Hand, And Just Extend..
A Little Love N Appreciation To All My Fellow Men, I Thank You On This Day And Can Say I'm Happy To Call You A Friend.
Sending Out Coffee Shots & Prayers To All My People.. It's Barista On DutY Signing Off, Wait For The Sequel.