Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Pour A Tree Flow 2012

It's to be written CushCoffee - My mission
Whether spitting or sipping, you can catch me gripping.

My cup over flowing  hot buna, never missing. Opportunities like kids, need teaching.
I said evangelist, so now I guess I'm preaching., if you follow my history you know why I'm speaking.

Born a farmer, still a farmer. Still searching still reaching. Still on the battlefield, never ceasing.
Planting seeds, an endless journey, even when we're reaping. Can never prepare enough for that next season.

The weather changes as do people. Ask God to bless my seedlings. That they may grow and never stray. I vow to keep the weeds away. All I can do is nurture you, ask God to do the rest. Until next time, know I grind, for you & do my best.

God Bless