Monday, April 9, 2012

Poetry The Bean, The Farmer ~ "Crop To Cup"

This poem, is a dedication, to all those individuals and company group efforts that are constantly helping farmers and the communities. It is more than just coffee.

It Seems, Sometimes I'm Bitter, Sometimes I'm Hard.
This Is While I'm Green, It's Safe To Lower Your Guard.
As We Journey On A Trip From Crop To Cup.
I Feel It's Necessary To Talk About The Downs, And Ups.
Before Your Morning Sip, Before You Race Out That Door.
I Will Attempt To Open Your Mind, That's What Coffee Is For.
Before Farmers Existed, We Lived Freely, Ran Grew Wild And Spoke Our Own Language.
Thanks To Our Discovery We Can Now Speak Yours.
Whether Near Or Far, Abroad Or A Tour Coffee Is All Around You, Such A Joy To Behold.
As You Sip Away And Get Lost In Your Cup, Do You Ever Think About How Life Was Before Your 1st Cup?
It's Probably Been So Long Ago
That You May Have Forgotten Or Simply Don't Know.
As We Sit And Sip The Finest Coffees In The Nation
We Sometimes Forget Of The Farmers Occupation
Working For Less Than Minimum Wage, While We Vacation.
Never Thinking Twice About Our Cup Of Creation.
Forget About Relaxing No Appreciation.
As We Gulp Down Our Drink How Often Do We Thank? Or Think Of All The Work That Goes Into Our Drink?
Myself A Slow Sipper, I Like To Explore, And Compare How Beans Differ.
Rather Washed Or Dried, In Their Process
Good, Bad, Which Is The Best?
We All Agree The Farmer Situations Are A Mess
Some Abandoning Crops,Settling For Less.
We Say Go Organic, Because It Will Be Much Better
Fair-trade, Direct-trade, Or You Can Do Whatever!
Regardless Of What You Do, Or Who You Pay,
Know That Farmers Need Our Support Each And Everyday.
Profits Have Been Made Throughout These Years
While Farmers And Their Families Sweat & Shed Tears.
Wondering From Day 2 Day, Pay 2 Pay
If They Will Have To Abandon Their Crop Eventually One Day.
Lets Not Forget Without The Crop There Can Be No Cup.
Next Time You Take A Sip Think Of Me, The Bean, The Farmer, As You Hold Up Your Cup |_|B


The Original Material Full Version
A Huge Thank You To Coffee Responsibly
Peace To The Coffee Oath


  1. There's a couple lines in here that really speak to me.
    I Will Attempt To Open Your Mind - I like "attempt" because its all coffee can do, there's no guarantee that this action will happen, but when the effort is made I believe coffee itself makes the humblest "attempt" to lure its drinker into new experiences.

    "Before Farmers Existed, We Lived Freely, Ran Grew Wild And Spoke Our Own Language"

    I love being free. And, to think that coffee was at once "free" too - gives me different perspective on the bean and its rights, if you will. And then to speak of coffee as a language humanizes it in a way that I hadn't thought of before, just love this line.

    "Our cup of Creation" This speaks to the process - truly - from crop to cup. Coffee is created. It isn't just brewed or poured, it has a whole system - from its very beginning that is planned and purposed. Recognizing this and then learning more about this - is where I am in my journey of becoming more educated about coffee.

    Thanks so much for this!

    1. Love the comment! All we can ask for in this life is to be understood. I thank you for understanding. With understanding we can accomplish many things! Cheers