Monday, October 10, 2011

Rest In Love To My Brother Lynon TJ Milton 10-09-11

Lynon Milton TJ Rest In Love Forever Will @CushCoffee Represent | 10-09-11

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cush Coffee Bar Seeking Sponsorship

Today I'm Happy To Announce My First Official #BODY Cush Coffee Bar Setup. My Coffee Bar Will Be A Scaled Down Version Of What My Actual Cush Coffee Cafe Will Be, Once We Go Full Scale. The Purpose Of This Post Is To Identify Certain Coffee Business, Roasters, Equipment Manufacturers, That Would Like To Participate In A Great Cause By Contributing Coffee, Roasted Or Green. All Coffee Companies Will Get Full Credit For Their Contributions. I Could Also Use Any Coffee Bags For Packaging Coffee, Yes It Can Have Your Label On Them, I Would Like To Help Market Those Companies Helping Me With My National Coffee Cause. I Could Use Paper Cups, As Well As Ceramic Cups, Again They Can Bear Your Names And Logos.

I'm Looking For Anything Coffee From Those Willing To Send. We All Know How The Economy Has Been, Every Little Contribution Will Help, I Stress This Because Nothing You Send Will Be To Little. If You Have New Or Used Equipment I'm All Game For It. Grinders, Espresso Machines, Manual Brewers Etc.. Currently I Have 4 Locations That Will Be Set Up GOD Willing In The Next Few Months. MY 1st Location Will Be Inside Of A Local Restaurant. If You Make Small Crafts, This Will Be A Perfect Chance To Get Your Crafts Noticed. I Have A Limited Amount Of Space To Display Art, Pics, Warez Etc. If You Know Of Any Company Willing To Donate To A Great Cause, And In Return Get Marketing For Their Business Send Them My Way. Remember What BODY Means, Branding Organization Developing You. I Have Equipment, I Have Coffee. I'm Genuinely Trying To Reach Out To Those In The Community, That Could Mutually Benefit From My Services. I Look Forward To Hearing From You, Feel Free To Contact Me Directly, I Felt I Could Write A Small Version Of What It Is I'm Seeking. Don't Be Surprise If You See Another Version On Another Coffee Site. Thanks Catch You @ The Global Grind!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Poetry

Fathers Day Fathers Day, It's About Birth.. I'm Thankful To My Father, That Placed Me On Earth...
GOD The Father, GOD Son, GOD The Holy Ghost,
I'm A Father, I'm A Son, To HIM I Give The MOST...
High Praise, & Thank You For Your Love, And Mercy
I Thank You For All The Things You Are, & What I'm Striving For, I Thank You GOD, For Giving Me Life And So Much More..
I Thank You For My Family I Thank You For My Friends To You GOD The Father I Will Be Grateful Till The End..
Now To My Earthly Father, No Fathers You Know, The REAL Men, I Would Like To Hold Out My Hand, And Just Extend..
A Little Love N Appreciation To All My Fellow Men, I Thank You On This Day And Can Say I'm Happy To Call You A Friend.
Sending Out Coffee Shots & Prayers To All My People.. It's Barista On DutY Signing Off, Wait For The Sequel.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Just Coffee" Poetry Month 2O11

Just Coffee Someone Asked Me For.
If Farmers Are Suffering, Can't Build Communities, How Can It Be "Just Coffee?" Need I Say More?
I'll Make My Point Clear, I'll Get Straight To The Point. No Need For Dull Talk This Is Sharp.
Written Without Pencil Lead - Can't Be Erased - Communication Point To Point.
Speak In Code Daily. Try To Coffee Edit Me.
I'll Be Back With More Coffee Just Wait And See.
I Build From The Grounds That You Have Torn Down, To Make Myself Clear Used Coffee Grounds That You Trashed Away.
I Recycled Them All, Each And Everyday.
Filters N Grounds All The Same.While You Were Bean Wasteful, Non Eco-Friendly, You Should Feel Ashamed.
It's O.K I Forgive You. Just Remember The Name.
Treat Your Coffee Right, So That We May Have Just Coffee..

Recycle - Fair Trade - Direct Trade - Rain Forest Alliance - More Than Fair - Eco Friendly - Shade Grown - Green - Bird Friendly - Sustainability

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Year Ago Today I Celebrated An Awareness Through Poetry N Pain

Today I Would Like To Celebrate That Same Awareness. The Farmers Still Need Your Support Every Day, To Ensure That The Communities In Which They Live Thrive. They're Not Looking For Handouts, Or HYPE Programs Of Supporting Them. Farmers Look For And Depend On Authentic Connections And Rely On Fair, Even More Than Fair Solutions That Provide Lasting Sustainability. This Allows Them To Feel Proud Of The Products They Produce And Not Look Like The World Is Doing Them A Favor by Buying Their Products. It Really Is Mutuality. Simply Put,We Give Farmers What They Need And They Can Support Their Own Communities. I Will Say On A Side Note,"We The People" Have Our Own Problems In Our Own Communities. It's Hard To Speak Of Awareness And Not Touch Home. Any Reader That Would Like To Make A Difference, And is Unsure Where To Start, I Work With Several Companies And Individuals. It's Really The Small Steps We Take That Matter. Every BODY Chips In. 

Anyone Wishing To Read On My Postings A Year Ago Today Feel Free To Read Them. I Would Also Like To Say The Past Is The Past. My Wounds Of The Situations Have Healed, And I'm Still Advocating For Farmers, For Veterans, And For Artists Alike. My Movement Towards Improvement. I Was Hesitant To Repost This Link Due To The Emotions Attached To My Poetry As Well As The Post. I Also Feel It's Fair And Valid For Me To Let My Readers And New Supporters Know Where I Have Been And Where We Are Headed. There Is Much Work To Be Done Everyday.

Today I Would Like To Thank All Of My Supporters, And Basically Give A 1Year Update. Last Year This Time, I Only Owned A PAN, With A Plan. Thanks To All Of Your Support, And A Little Determination. My Roasting Capacity Has Tripled. Keep In Mind, I'm Still A Nano Roaster. I Just Am Able To Provide More Now With A Little Less Manual Labor. One Of My Biggest Issues With PAN Roasting And Its Demands Was Trying To Provide A Product And Be Cost Effective, Which I Addressed In My Last Posting. I'm Still Paying More Than Bigger Roasters, But That's To Be Expected Given My Capacity And Current Clients. On A Health Note,  I Have Bursitis In My Shoulder As Well As Neck And Back Injuries Sustained From My Military Service That Naturally Prevent Me From Over Doing It In The PAN. I Do My Best To Not Talk About My Personal Pains Because I Know And Have Seen Others Who Are Less Fortunate. Today It Brings Me Great JOY To Be Able To Thank You All For Everything. As I Said Before, This Is Only The Beginning. BODY Is On The Move, Thanks To You!! I Appreciate Each And Everyone Of You. May GOD Bless And Keep You. Till Next Time Sips Up |_|B