Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cush Coffee | Custom Roasted | Kenya AA+ Coffee Notes

Cush Coffee Custom Roasted Kenya AA+ 

Good day sippers!
Today I bring to you a coffee that is no stranger to the coffee world, it's Kenya AA+, a coffee that is from one of the top 10 coffee growing regions. Kenyan coffee is known for it's wine characteristics, citrus (grapefruit) bliss and chocolate nuances. More importantly it's known for the strict processing guide lines. You can almost bet on the label, if it says Kenya, it's gonna be a a great experience provided it has been roasted properly. The mills do everything possible to ensure they are delivering quality coffee to the consumers. Let's say once the coffees get the grade, they are processed accordingly. Kenya also has some of the highest priced coffee lots, if that says any thing about their hard work and great tasting coffee. Lets get into some coffee notes shall we?

I roasted this Kenyan on the 18th of this month. Kenyan coffee has a nice range for roasting. Depending on your palate you can easily roast a medium to a dark roast, and have a satisfying cup of coffee. I took this coffee right up to the 2nd crack to unleash the power of the sweet pot! I sometimes roast well into the 2nd crack which makes for a great single origin espresso. Other roast levels can be used as espresso as well, just depends on how much you like to squeeze your citrus! Yes this is an alive coffee that will wake up the sleepiest palate.

Our method of brew madness was the French press, with a steep time of 5mins. From the bag, the beans had a nice sweet, nutty toasted smell. The appearance was medium dark, with slight oil on the surface. After grinding the beans, we got a nice dark berry aroma, along with a some mouth watering citrus smell. After we poured water of the grounds, we got even more intense berry, citrus and some sweet caramel, that kept things interesting.
Kenya AA+ French Press Method
Drum roll for the taste! We got and nice plum reminiscent, invited by a citrus play, and a chocolaty finish. The body was nice and heavy, not quite syrup, but syrup-like. Over all a great tasting coffee. A year ago today Coffee Kween said it best, with her informative cupping session. Check it out here Complexity & Balance . Another special mention and coffee review from Mike Crimmins , he rated the Kenya AA coffee a 4.5 Out Of 5. Be sure and check both reviews out, and come back with your thoughts. Have you tried a Kenyan coffee? What were your thoughts? If you are interested in a bag of  Kenya AA, feel free to stop by my online store and purchase a 6oz bag of custom roasted for $11. That's right custom roasted, the way you want it! Until next sip, thank you for sipping with me. Peace.

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