Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January O12 BaristaOnDutY Reporting For Duty..

Good day my Cushlings,
I hope you all are well, and full of great tasting coffee as you are reading this post, as you will need it for my ramble. 1st I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. This is my 1st post for the year of O12. I'm excited for what we have in store this year. I would like to take the time to give my monthly update, and hopefully give a little more insight of the happenings @ #BODY / CushCoffee.

The beginning of the month, we took a trip to Atlanta to make a purchase of some green coffee. I love taking road trips, especially coffee related ones. We purchased 30lbs of Brazilian coffee, as well as 90lbs of Sumatra. Need I say I'm ready to roast! I have already roasted some samples and they passed the tests. It's time to go live with them & send them for further testing.

One of the highlights, while visiting Atlanta, was my trip to the Dancing Goats cafe in Decatur. I happened to go at the right time. It was Friday the 6th. The surprise that awaited me was that Batdorf Coffee Roasters holds coffee tastings every Friday around 1pm. I got to try their 4 coffees on the table, as well as try their Kenyan coffee in the clever drip, an espresso, also Costa Rican Drip. I purchased some (2) mugs, and some (5) pour over drippers. Need I say I had a great time, and looking forward to their future cuppings. I plan to make at least 1 a month, I will get more in detail about them in the future. Anyone wanting to make the trip for an educational coffee crawl, just say when!
Dancing Goats Cafe Decatur  Cupping Table

Today was another great day this month for Cush Coffee & the entire #BODY Team. We did our 1st interview podcast this evening with Mike Crimmins, the man behind the DSOC Kitchen. Hopefully you all will get something positive from the interview. I was way too caffeinated, if there is such a thing. Be on the lookout for the podcast  due to drop next week. This just about wraps it up for now. I just wanted to let you guys know, we the BODY are still grinding for you the consumer, and the farmer. Thank you all for your support. Happy New Year!! I look forward to serving you this year! Till next time, I'm Cush & I'm Out! Peace..


  1. I just wanted to say that not only did I have a great time Wednesday working on the podcast, but it was educational and very motivational. Stay caffeinated!

    1. Thanks again Mike. I hope I wasn't all over the place! It happens sometimes, when you have so much information on so many things! I hope to in the future work with you on Podcast, where we can micro analyze sectors or subjects. For me it's easier and more direct concentrating on a particular subject, for example Pan Roasting, Brew Methods, Coffee Affiliations, etc. Thanks again for your time! Keep doing what you do to create awareness! Keep your cup up! *Cheers