Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day | I Pray | Thank You | Poem | Poetry

Coffee Oath

Mothers day I pray, that all mothers worldwide are safe
Peace, love and happiness smiles upon your face
May this day bring you fulfillment and joy for all that you do
Just taking the time out, to say that I love you
Mother earth gave birth to you. Heaven sent
You are my angel, thankful for the times we've spent
Although one day of words can't express how I feel
I hope by reading this, you know that my love is real
You are appreciated, each and every day
I thank Yahweh for you, every time I pray
I acknowledge your strengths, your sacrifices, your loyalty and your love
You are my angel, heaven sent from high up above
Thank you, thank you Mother, the woman I call LOVE

Happy Mothers Day!!..

A dedication to all the mothers in the world. Someone loves, understands, respects & protects you.

Your Sun,

~ Nashi J. Buna

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