Friday, September 26, 2008


I like to call it Coffee with BODY "Barista-On-DutY", I small batch, hand craft pan roast.This is what I do, this is the bean gospel, I truly enjoy spreading the BEAN WORD, I slow roast over open flame,in a skillet,and stove top just like it was done in the "Old Days" I don't say whats better or best, I just say let me take you on a journey in which you can appreciate the true essence of the bean. No Machine work here to do fast cooling, no bells and whistles. This is Bean Perfection, knowing when to stop the roast to allow for it to cool down on it's own, this is true Art, this is what I live by. Yes you can taste the difference in my coffees, not because of I'm the Best, but because, no 2 beans are alike, so why should they all be roasted alike, beans are individuals, but when you are in big a Big Roaster, you don't get to express yourself, the PAN allows each bean to express itself through the eye and hand of the Artist, so yes even in inconsistencies there can be consistence!! My Beans Speak for them self, don't take my word for it. Ask 4 it! Till Next Time, I'm Your Artisan Barista, & I'm On Duty!

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