Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Coffee Club Membership~

Hello World, I Am Now Officially In The Testing Phase Of My Coffee Membership Club!! That Means For All My Members You Will Be Getting A Special Treat!My Current Goal Is To Reach 100 Memberships.There Will Also Be Opportunity For Members That Refer Others To Take Part N My Bean Business Once It Reaches The Level Beandom. I Will Be Introducing Stock N My Company, That Will Be N The Form Of Coffee Beans, As The Business Grows, My Coffee Stocks, Will Convert Into Cash, You Are And Will Also Be Able To Purchase Coffee Stock. To Find Out More About My Coffee Club Membership, And More Info On How You Can Become Part Of An Artisan Coffee Movement, Feel Free To Join Me On My Coffee Network Let's Get This Coffee Cracking!!Till Next Time~ I Am Your Roaster, Your Barista, And I'm On DUTY

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