Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day Salute c|_|

Today I Would Like To Honor, All My Fellow Brothers & Sisters That Fought For This Country We Live In. Thanks For Your Service, This Marine Salutes Each & Every One Of You.I Am Blessed To Share 4 Great Days This Month Marine Corp Birthday 10th Veterans Day 11th & Thanksgiving & My Birthday On The 26th. I Wanted To Give As Much Coffee Away As I Could This Month In Celebration Of My Special Days. Please Leave A Salute To Ur Veteran, Or Just A Comment To All Veterans 2 Be Entered To Win A Free Bag Of My Personal Pan Roasted Hand Crafter Coffee! Thank You All For Your Support GOD Bless You All, & If You Ever Need A Friend, A Protector, A Real BODY, Call On Ur Friend The BaristaOnDutY, Once A Marine Always I Marine, I'm Here To Serve All, I'm Dedicated To Freedom, & World Wide Peace.Thanks! Semper Fi!

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