Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don Franciscos Holiday Blend

I Will First Start By Saying I'm Not Much On Blended Coffees, Nor Preground Coffee, I Point These Two Thing Out Mainly Because The Both Have To Be Considered Carefully Because They Ultimately Affect The Outcome Of The Brew ;). Let's Get To It, Shall We?I Started Off By Brewing This Coffee The Same Method I Brew All Of My Personal Coffee In My Commercial Brewer, I Have A 2.2L Carafe So I Used The Same Measures That I Use. Upon Opening The Package I Was Greeted By A Nice Aroma, That Reminded Me Of Dark Spice Chocolate N Caramel Even Some Floral Notes. Yes I Was A Bit Overwhelmed With So Much Coming At Me, But It Was In A Good Way.

This Coffee Is A Blend Of Central N South American Coffees. I Will Be The 1st To Say It's Been A While Since I've Had Any Of Those Coffees. Now For The 1st Sip This Coffee Was Very Hard To Pin Point, Which All The More Makes For An Interesting Coffee Blend.I Will Only Give A General Experience Review Of What I Thought Of This Coffee. It's Definitely A Holiday Coffee, Heck A Great Breakfast Coffee Period. This Coffee Has Hints Of Carmel, Chocolate, Spices, Light Floral, Earthy. Really This Coffee Is That Intriguing, Like A Maze Or Puzzle. It Does Have A Bite, Not A Bitter One, Lets Say You Know Ur Drinking Coffee. Nice Coffee Aftertaste Of Smokiness Bliss. This Is A Definite Recommend For Coffee Lovers That Love That Strong Flavor Of Coffee. I'll Say This Coffee Is Strong Enough For A Man, But Also Intriguing Enough For A Woman. I Really Am Enjoying This Experience, While I Write. I Would Also Like To Mention Don Francisco Is 1 Of 3 Coffees That I Buy That Are Not My Own. Which 2 Me Says A Great Deal About Their Company And Quality.

I'm Not A Coffee Reviewer Nor Am I On A Quest To Write About Other Companies Coffees, I Just Feel It's Only Appropriate To Share My Good Coffee Experiences With You. I Get A Lot Of Coffee Love And I Give A Lot Back. I Actually Feel Like Coffees Little Brother. I Thank My Big Brother N Sister Coffee Companies. You Make Me Who I Am, Without A Role Model Where Would I Be? I Also Thank You All For The Knowledge You Guys Hand Down To Me, I Will Always Be A Rebel Renegade Coffee Apostle I Guess It's My Destiny. Don't Be Surprised If A Settle Down And Join A Coffee Church Fitting Of My Coffee Beliefs C|_| Thanks You Readers~ And A Big Thank You To Mike Gavina For Ur Words Of Inspiration And Ur Passion For Coffee.

In My Closing Words I Would Like To Say Readers If You Are The Flavor Type Coffee Person You Have To Try Don Francisco Vanilla Nut It Was Actually The 1st Flavored Coffee I Drank And Didn't Consider It A Flavor! I Was New In The Flavor Game What Can I Say! It Is An Awesome Coffee!. BODY Was Not Paid Any Green Coffee Beans, Coffee Bags, Coffee Labels, Coffee Equipment, Or Monies For His Honesty. I Received A Birthday/Christmas/Holiday Gift From A Friend & Decided I'd Share My Happiness, With You. I Mean After All That's What Coffee Is About. I Couldn't Be Writer If The World Of Coffee Depended On It! Well Maybe I Could..Take Care Guys Hope You Enjoyed C|_|

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  1. Today I Revisited The Holiday Blend I Must Say It's A Great Coffee, The Bite That I Spoke Of Earlier Is No Longer There, Also It's A Darker Roast Coffee What Is More Pronounced Is This Cherry Hints, Almost A Cross Between Cranberry N Wild Cherry. Nice Very Nice Holiday Coffee. That's It.Happy CoffeeING C|_|