Monday, December 7, 2009

The Heritage Lives Strong DON FRANCISCO'S

Today I Receive A Very Special Package From A Coffee Friend On Twitter @CoffeeQuest Aka Mike Gavina. What Makes This Such A Special Gift Is That Being A Nano PAN Roaster, I Tend To Get Over Looked By The Big Guys, I Shouldn't Say Over Looked, But In A World Of Machine Vs Man, Man Tends To Always Have The Underhand, Unless Of Course He's The Man That Made The Machine. Or Is Behind The Machine... On With Coffee I Received A Can Of Don Francisco's Vanilla Nut Coffee,Some Hawaiian Hazelnut, As Well As Some Of The Holiday Blend. The Packaging Was An Inspiration For Me, Because I Do A Lot Of Recycling And Lack The Funding To Be Able To Have Fancy Packaging,It's Very Important For My Coffee To Stand Out In Taste.I Want To Be Honest In This Blog And Say I'm Not That Flavor Coffee Type At All, So Years Ago When I Started Learning About Coffee I Happen To Pick Up A Can Of This Don Francisco's Vanilla Nut, Because I Was Really New To The Flavor I Didn't Consider It A Flavor. I Just Thought Is Was Roasted With A Vanilla Nut Or Something HaHa. Hands Down It Was Just A Great Tasting Coffee, So I Always Would Look For It In The Stores, I Would Actually Get Upset When I Couldn't Find It.After I Started Roasting My Own Coffee, If I Was Too Lazy To Roast, I Would Always Go Get A Can Of This Great Tasting Coffee,Becuase My Family Had Become Dependent On Me Being The Coffee Provider And Entertainer, Not Knowing That Someday I Would Befriend One Of The Heirs To This Coffee Legacy, Now That In Itself Is Quite A Story, For Me I've Only Been In This Field About 10yrs, Whereas Don Francisco's Has Over 135 yrs Behind Their Love For Coffee, N Honestly You Can Taste It In Their Coffee. I Know This May Be A Shock To Some That Know Me And My Coffee PAN Roasting Fresh Anti PreGround Coffee. I'm Unsure Of All Of The Processing Methods Use At Gavinas, But I'm Certain They Are Among The Highest Standards. Not Only Are Don Francisco's Coffees Rare, But The Their Company Is Also A Founding Member Of The Specialty Coffee Association Of America (SCAA). I Would Also Like To Point Out That This Company Started Out Very Much Like Me Selling Door To Door And Just Sharing The Wonderful Joy N Love For Coffee. It Just Shows Me That With Passion Anything Is Possible I Look Forward To Enjoying My Coffee I Received, I Also Am Looking Forward To Learning From A Company That Has So Much Experience, One Thing I Have Learned Is That There Is Always Something To Learn In Coffee, I Guess That One Of The Greatest Things About It. Coffee Has No Boundaries, And There Are No Substitutes For A Good Cup Of Coffee. I Invite You All To Visit DON FRANCISCO'S They Have Plenty Of Wonderful Coffee Gift Baskets, Also U Don't Have To Take My Word For Their Products 135+ Years I Think That Speaks For It Self. I Would Like To Thank My Friend Mr. Gavina, Once Again For His Generosity. What A Great Christmas Gift C|_|

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