Friday, December 11, 2009

What Makes PAN ROASTing Coffee Different ?

In An Attempt To Not Only Clear Up, But Also Explain The Madness Behind My Obsession With PAN Roasted Coffee. 1st I Would Like To Say This Method Isn't For Everyone, For One It Takes Lots Of Patience N Time, I'm Sorry Some Of Us Don't Have That. I Mean We All Have Different Life Styles. It Is My Goal To Allow My Drinker To Journey With Me In A Day Of Patient Slow Roasting Technique An Unforgettable Experience. Relax Enjoy The Coffee, Some Things Are Still Made Good, The Old Fashioned Way. Remember When You Were Young When You Didn't Have A Care In The World? Well My Friend I Want U To Rewind Back Then And Have A Sip With Me, Provided You Have The Time. This Isn't A Job 4 Me, this Is A Passion, N A Celebration Of Me Living My Life. Now That You Get A Lil Bit Of The Picture I'm Trying To Paint, I'll Explain What Makes PAN Roasted Coffee Different. Don't Worry If U Don't Understand Everything I'm Saying I Will Explain In Later Blogs Take It One Page At A Time,Skipping Pages Isn't Allowed. Remember I Want You To Sip With Me. Gulping Hot Coffee Isn't Wise. So Now For All You That Wonder, I Will Not Say That My PAN Roasted Coffee Is The Best Coffee Nor Will I Say It's Better Than The Next Coffee, But I Will Say It Is The Most Unique Experience You Will Ever Embark On In The Coffee World. Meet Man vs Machine. It Is Important For Me To Say There Are Several Companies In The Coffee World I Admire. Who Knows Honestly I Can See My Name On Some Of Their Coffee Labels Guess I Have An Eye For The Future.I Will Always Own A PAN, But I Have Much Bigger Plans ;). Does Anyone Know The Perfect Person? If So I'd Like To Know Them Too! Well Truth Is Even Perfect Is A Matter Of Opinion Not Necessarily Based On Facts.With My PAN Roasting Methods I Don't Seek Perfection I Seek Uniqueness. In Short Coffee Is A Very Complex Beverage, I'll Leave All The Complexities N Number Figures To The Experts. Lets Say U Have 10 Coffee Beans And All Of Them Are The Same Bean Roasted The Same Way, That Would Make For A Uniformed Cup Of Coffee Right? Now Lets Say U Take 5 Of Those 10 Coffee Beans And Roast Each Of Them A Different Time, So Now You Have 1/2 Same & 1/2 Totally Abstract. Now Where Is The Uniformity Well Lets Say The Uniformity Equations Has Now Gotten Broader There Is Now Uniformity In The Total Batch Because They Are All Different But In Uniform Like People You See, Each Of My PAN Roasted Beans Has It's Own Voice, Even Though It Was In The PAN The Same Amount Of Time As All Others, The Results Can Never Be The Same Bean, Because I'm Not A Machine, So From A Complexity Stand Point PAN Roasted Coffee Should Be Harder To Pin Point Some Notes, Just Because Of The Way It's Process, That Doesn't Mean PAN Roasting Is Better, Just Means For All You Explores Out There That Like Being Adventurous Come On Over And Take A Trip On The Wild Side. I Promise To Hold Ur Hand If That's What It Takes, Free Your Mind Free Your Beans. The BEAN BODY Has Spoken... Hope U Guys Got Something Out Of My Coffee Ground Chatter C|_| Peace N Great Coffee! You'll Be Hearing More Bean Chatter As Soon As I Get A Writer..HaHa


  1. muy bueno! I enjoyed reading this article! I also liked the way you write...

  2. good post.

    All I know is the pan roasted coffee you sent me was exceptional. keep it up!

  3. Makes me think back to the days when i started roasting my own coffee. The PAN was the only way then. Good coffee, good roasting. Keep up the good coffee.