Sunday, January 31, 2010


I Received A Special Coffee Package 2 Weeks Ago, It Was Marked Exclusive So My 1st Thoughts Were Do I Want To Open This Coffee, Or Just Keep It For My Daughters To Enjoy It In The Original Package? To Be Able To See Where And What Coffees Their Dad Had Traveled Along His Journey. It Wasn't Long B4 I Thought, Well After Coffee Is Roasted It Doesn't Age. The Quality Decreases, Because It's Perishable Like Any Other Consumable. I Tried To Think Of Who I Could Share This Coffee With Because My Wife, N Daughters Are Out N Denver Visiting Family, Not To Mention All Of My REAL Coffee People Are Miles Away.

O.K Enough Of The Coffee Grounds Lets Get Down To The Coffee, After All That's What We're Here For Right? For Starters This Company Needs No Introduction Gavina & Sons I Received A Coffee From One Of Their Labels " Don Francisco's " Panama Diamond Mountain. What Makes This A Special Treat Is That This Coffee Is An Exclusive Offering Of Limited Quantity & Quality. This Coffee Was Produced By Hacienda La Esmeralda Outside The Town Of Boquete, Grown At Over 1400 Meters N Rich Volcanic Soil. I Receive Information About This Coffee And What Makes It So Special. I Have To Agree With The Notes I Had Been Given, This Coffee Is Definitely A Complex Coffee. Nice Aromatics As It Suggested, But Also A Natural Sweetness, Very Pleasing Acidity. Had A Really Nice Light Spice To It, If U Can Find It It's A Must Try Coffee REAL Talk! Of Course When I Received The Coffee Naturally I Would Think It Was All HYPE. This Is Sunday Confessions :I Was Wrong , No HYPE ,No BITE~ Mike Gavina Told Me To Make Sure I Tried This Coffee As A Regular Drip, Because Of It's Natural Sweetness That May Have Been Missed If Using Another Method Of Brewing.

This Brings Me To Say, Not Only Did That Show His Level Of Confidence In His Roast, But Also As Some May Not Know That Ur Brewing Method Is Just As Important As Ur Roasting Methods. If You Under-grind Or Grind To Fine, Mix That With An Improper Method, You Could Completely Miss The Whole Experience. I Know This Because This Is What I Do. I Test Beans Through My Very Own Methods. I'll Save This For Another Posting. The Same Way Roasting A Coffee To A Profile To Get A Unique Flavor Or For Better Words To Get The Best Out Of The Bean, A Roaster Must Try Different Roasts And Compare Notes. This Coffee Was Roasted 3 Different Levels, And Graded By 5 CQI Cuppers The End Result Was a City Roast (Medium).

Because This Coffee Was So Exclusive I Wanted To Try At Least 5 Brewing Methods, Just For My Own Pleasure. I Tried Espresso, Pour Over Drip, Pour Over Drip With Filter, Regular Drip, N Also My Very Own Open Cup Method. My Personal Favorite Methods Were My Open Cup N Also Regular Drip, As Mike Had Suggested. I'm A Believer In Mikes Passion N Degree Of Roasting Expertise He Nailed This Coffee.I Say That To Say The Least I Have Had Coffees In The Past That Could Have Been IMO Better But The Roasting Was Not Proper, Maybe The Beans Were Bad, But When You Coffee Like I Do You Know And Have An Intimate Relationship With The Bean, After All This Is My Life.

I Shared This Coffee With My Family And No One Could Believe It Was Not My Own Personal Coffee. I'm My Biggest Coffee Critique, So I Always Use My Family, Whenever I Want Another Opinion About A Coffee. Of Course I Shared The Whole Gavina N Don Francisco's Family Legacy, That Made Everyone Even More Excited About The Exclusive Coffee They Were Drinking, It's All About Sipping. I Was Fortunate Enough To Receive 1 Of The 1000 Bags That Were Roasted. On Behalf Of BODY, I'd Like To Thank Mike Gavina For Sharing A Bit Of His Coffee World With Me,Also To Say Ur GrandPa Is One Proud Man. Thank You For Continuing His Passion. Through You He Lives, Know That.

This Coffee Is Socially Responsible. A Premium Was Paid For This Coffee So That The Farmers, The Local Community, And The Wildlife Can Have An Improved Way Of Life. I Would Recommend Any Coffee @CoffeeQuest Puts His Touch On. For More Information On Gavina N Sons Or Don Francisco Coffee Here

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