Monday, March 1, 2010

A Reflection Of My Coffee ~ A Better Understaning Of Ur BODY~

People coffee for many different reason. I for one coffee 1stly for myself, because of my love with not so much as the beverage in itself, but it's very existence as a bean(being). Everything in the world has a purpose, no matter how big or small one thinks of another persons purpose. We all exists to fulfill our very own purpose. Sometimes along the way of fulfilling our purpose we are accompanied by people or things along our journey to fulfillment.
Coffee for me is my conduit.My ultimate goal of helping as many people along my journey as possible coffee is my voice as I am its voice, we are one in the same as a complex bean a complex BODY that both have purpose. As with many things in life people tend to have hobbies pastimes or just things that intrigue them to want to know more about an element of life. I find that as a blessing and a curse all in the same, some people because of excitement, new discovery or personal reasons and hastiness may voice an opinion about coffee or whatever their passion is without fully understanding. Which can lead to misinformation. Misinformation in my passion (Coffee) is unacceptable, kinda like think before you speak.
You will hear this many times. This is not my hobby. This is not a get rich quick. To me it's a business, a business of my life and my purpose. Coffee is my conduit and I embrace coffee because it's also my testimony. Tread lightly when you talk about coffee for it is sensitive to all the elements in life as I am as well. I may be inclined to protect my sacred means of communication with all mankind. Nothing hurts coffee more than misinformation,and hype, coffee is simple yet complex. Analyze your purpose in in life in coffee. I say this to brokers, buyers, roasters, reviewers, an everyone in between if this is not your passion, I will exploit you and run you off the face of coffee.If you are unsure about something in coffee, ask, ask many questions there are no dumb questions. When coffee is misrepresented it hurts us all in the end. I am here to defend coffee, and all that it cant do for itself. Keep your hobbies at home. Coffee is my home, I'm here to educate all that want to learn. That's what the BODY is all about, please know this.
I am a Farmer, I am a Fisherman, I am a Hunter, I am a Marine, I am A Poet, I am a Calligrapher, I am a Artist, I am a Painter, I am a Philosopher, I Am A Son, I'm A Husband, I'm A Father. I Am Coffee. Please Think B4 U Speak Of Me, If You Do That U May Be Coffee 2 C|_|

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