Monday, November 22, 2010

BODY Birthday Espresso Coffee Giveaway |_|B Nov 26th 2010

So Here It Is, Celebrating My 36th Birthday On This Planet Earth. I Would Like To Celebrate By Acknowledging 2 Individuals That Enjoy PAN Roasting Coffee Along With Self. I Wanted To Make This Contest As Simple As Possible. The Only Requirement Is That You Are Following @coffee_couple & JitterzCafe Feel Free To Visit Their Sites N Comment On Any Of Their Postings To Be Coffee Qualified. We Will Be Giving Away An Espresso Blend Of One Of Our Favorite Robusta Coffees Vietnamese R16 This Is The Lighter Roast Version, The Espresso Roast Is A Bit Darker, But Makes A Great Phin Filter, Mokka Pot, As Well As Espresso, And A Really Strong Cup Of Reg Drip Coffee. Please Tweet The Coffee Contest Link With Hashtag #BODYRated. "Just Entered @BaristaOnDutY @CoffeeKween @Coffee_Couple #BODYRated Free Espresso #Coffee Giveaway Visit For Details."  Tweet N Enter As Many Times As You May. Happy Thanksgiving Week Hope Your Week Is Full Of Thanks And Giving. Last But Not Least We Will Be Giving Away 3Bags Or 6Bags Of Espresso Based On Participation! Thanks N Sip Slow Let's Go! |_|B

Yours Truly,

Update :
Contest Closed Midnight Of Nov 26th Thanks All That Participated! Don't Forget To Check Out The New New Vietnamese Coffee N Phin Filter Giveaway |_|B


  1. What a great contest! Just last night I sipped two cups of R16 made via the Mokka Pot. Good sipping #coffee. Sweet R16 dreams and the best to all who enter.

    Joe and Monica

  2. Really been wanting to try the R16...My palette could use some #BODYcoffee and my moka pot is lonely.

    Happy early birthday Tiger.

  3. Hey Wasssup! All I can say is the R16 is some amazing coffee and is so versatile! Having it as espresso is a definite must! Good luck folks!