Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CAO La Traviata Maduro Meets CushCoffee Kenya AA+

Last Week I Received 2 CAO La Traviata Maduros From Bob At Stogie'D . I Won Them In A Free Cigar Contest That Is Held Weekly On The Site. After Seeing Bob's Review On The CAO La Traviata, I Kinda Got A Feel Of What I Should Be Expecting. Being A Coffee And Cigar Pairer, That Meant Less Research Work For Me. As With Coffee, Cigars Have Certain Flavors N Nuances That Can Be Detected, And Make For A Great Experience When Paired With Coffee Or Any Other Beverage, When Given The Time To Relax And Reflect On Life.

On With The Review, I Did A Pre-Smoke  A Couple Days Ago, Just To Make Sure I Would Pick Up Certain Notes, To Be Paired With My Perfect Weapon Coffee. The Cigar Had Very Little Oil On The Wrapper, Everything Was Well And In Tact, As A Good Cigar Should Be. I Noticed Very Little Defects In The Wrapper Itself. The Wrapper Had Nice Veins. The Cap Remained In Tact As I Cut, Which Shows Great Craftsmanship Of The Cigar, Also Means That When I Received My Stogies They Were Still Fresh, And Not Dried Out.

At First Light The Cigar Had No Burn Issues What So Ever. I Will Say Boy Was That First Draw Powerful, And Full Of Flavor. I Got Some Spice From The Taste Of The Wrapper, Then Peppered With A Nice Full Mouth Of Smoke. I'm Thinking At This Point If Things Get Any Stronger I'm Not Gonna Be Able To Hold On. I'm By No Means A Cigar Professional, I Just Grew Up Growing It, And An Occasional Smoke Here And There. Throughout The Cigar The Flavor Was Consistent, A Definite Pepper, Spice, Some Hints Of Cocoa, In The Beginning A Cold Draw I Got Some Caramel, Or Something Similar A Sweetness For Sure.

I Decided Right Off To Pair With My Own Cush Coffee Kenya AA+ Coffee. I Figured After Hearing Bobs, Review, And Seeing What A Few Others Had To Say, Kenya Would Be The One Coffee To Stand Up To The Challenge. Keep In Mind I Wanted Something To Compliment This Cigar, I Knew A Light Coffee Or A Coffee That Wasn't Bold Wouldn't Stand A Chance. I Fresh Roasted A Batch Specifically To Pair With My CAO. One Word To Describe Kenyan Coffee Is Citrus, It Has A Grapefruit Like Acidity That Can't Be Mistaken, Also Depending On The Roast You May Detect Chocolate, Fruits Among Other Notes That Can Change Season To Season Crop To Crop.

Now I Decided I Wanted To Try The Kenyan As An Espresso Drink, Because I Knew It Be Strong In Flavor, Being That It Was Just Roasted.So For The 1st 3rd Of The Cigar I Enjoyed A Triple Long Espresso With The Smoke, I Have To Tell You It Was Quite The Experience! The Acidity And Citrus Play Amplified The Pepper In The Smoke, So I Was On Fire! I Love Spicy, But This Was Unexpected, I Totally Did Not Compensate For The Citrus Play In The Kenya WHOA! Good For Me I Had Already Planned Out How I Wanted My Sipping To End. I Asked My Wife To Brew A Regular Pot Of Kenyan AA+ After I Had Been Outside About 20mins.

Now It's Time For The Coasting, Or Cruise Control.The 1st Part Of The Ride Was Exciting, So I Was Ready To Shift Gears.The Cigar Remained About The Same As Far As The Flavor Was Concerned, Very Consistent. The One Issue I Had Was A Slight Uneven Burn On The 1st And Last 3rd Of The Cigar. They Both Seemed To Work Themselves Out, So I Guess Thats No Big Deal.

The Drip Pot Of Kenyan Was Definitely More Mellow, Than The 3Shots, I Detected More Fruits In This Cup, Still Had A Nice Acidity, The Taste Of Fresh Grapefruit, Just A Hint Of Earthiness. All In All The Drip Coffee Really Complimented The Cigar The Best, As It Didn't Heighten The Experience Of The Cigar, They Both Stood On Their Own, Which I Feel Was Great. Near The End Of The Smoke I Felt That It Really Mellowed Out, And The Mouth Feel  Was More Velvety, Just Softer And Pleasant. I Can Say That The Experience Was A Great One, Never A Dull Moment. Just Like A Great Movie, The Combination, Had All Of My Attention. I Would Definitely Smoke This Cigar Again, Also Would Recommend It After Lunch Or Dinner, Make Sure You Have Something On Or In Your Stomach If You Are A Light Weight Like Me. That's All Hope You Enjoyed Reading As Much As I Enjoyed Smoking N Sipping!! Peace! |_|B

I'd Like To Thank Bob @ Stogied TV  Once Again For The Hard Work You Guys Do! Also An Extra Special Thanks To Kaye @ JitterzCafe For All The Hard Work You Guys Do. Stay Caffeinated N Stogie'D Up!

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