Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Year Ago Today I Celebrated An Awareness Through Poetry N Pain

Today I Would Like To Celebrate That Same Awareness. The Farmers Still Need Your Support Every Day, To Ensure That The Communities In Which They Live Thrive. They're Not Looking For Handouts, Or HYPE Programs Of Supporting Them. Farmers Look For And Depend On Authentic Connections And Rely On Fair, Even More Than Fair Solutions That Provide Lasting Sustainability. This Allows Them To Feel Proud Of The Products They Produce And Not Look Like The World Is Doing Them A Favor by Buying Their Products. It Really Is Mutuality. Simply Put,We Give Farmers What They Need And They Can Support Their Own Communities. I Will Say On A Side Note,"We The People" Have Our Own Problems In Our Own Communities. It's Hard To Speak Of Awareness And Not Touch Home. Any Reader That Would Like To Make A Difference, And is Unsure Where To Start, I Work With Several Companies And Individuals. It's Really The Small Steps We Take That Matter. Every BODY Chips In. 

Anyone Wishing To Read On My Postings A Year Ago Today Feel Free To Read Them. I Would Also Like To Say The Past Is The Past. My Wounds Of The Situations Have Healed, And I'm Still Advocating For Farmers, For Veterans, And For Artists Alike. My Movement Towards Improvement. I Was Hesitant To Repost This Link Due To The Emotions Attached To My Poetry As Well As The Post. I Also Feel It's Fair And Valid For Me To Let My Readers And New Supporters Know Where I Have Been And Where We Are Headed. There Is Much Work To Be Done Everyday.

Today I Would Like To Thank All Of My Supporters, And Basically Give A 1Year Update. Last Year This Time, I Only Owned A PAN, With A Plan. Thanks To All Of Your Support, And A Little Determination. My Roasting Capacity Has Tripled. Keep In Mind, I'm Still A Nano Roaster. I Just Am Able To Provide More Now With A Little Less Manual Labor. One Of My Biggest Issues With PAN Roasting And Its Demands Was Trying To Provide A Product And Be Cost Effective, Which I Addressed In My Last Posting. I'm Still Paying More Than Bigger Roasters, But That's To Be Expected Given My Capacity And Current Clients. On A Health Note,  I Have Bursitis In My Shoulder As Well As Neck And Back Injuries Sustained From My Military Service That Naturally Prevent Me From Over Doing It In The PAN. I Do My Best To Not Talk About My Personal Pains Because I Know And Have Seen Others Who Are Less Fortunate. Today It Brings Me Great JOY To Be Able To Thank You All For Everything. As I Said Before, This Is Only The Beginning. BODY Is On The Move, Thanks To You!! I Appreciate Each And Everyone Of You. May GOD Bless And Keep You. Till Next Time Sips Up |_|B   

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