Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today In BODY News

Today Was Good Bean Day , I Roasted Up Orders 4 Quite A Few People, Let's See, NV, FL, PA,MI,NC. All My Roasting Processes Were Executed Flawlessly, As Usual, If It's Not Right, ReDo It! Coffee Beans Can Be An Expensive Lesson, So It's Better To Learn Quickly You Can't Afford To Mess Up, Or If You Mess Up You Drinking The Bad Batches, Honestly I Can't Say That I Have Had To Drink Many Bad Batches.This Post Is Mainly For Me To Explain To My Coffee Reviewers That Will Receive Coffee This Weekend Or Early Next Week, I Ran Into A Lil Bit OF A Problem With My Normal Shipping Bags, Which Actually May Benefit You Guys, From A Bean Perspective, Each Of You Were Gonna Receive 1 6oz Bag Of My Choice For You To Review, Due To My Bag Restrictions, I Had To Use My Personal Home Bags, Which For Me I Feel Is Good Because Based On Ur Review Of The Coffee Quality, When U Receive It. I Will Know Not To Ever Ship That Way Again. I Don't Normally Ship In The Bags You Will Receive Unless Someone Request A Sample Of A Coffee Their Not Ordering, I Haven't Had Any Negative Feedback As Of Yet. Long Story Short YOU May Review The Packaging If You Like, But I Don't Sell Packaging, Just Good Coffee, If The Bags I Sent Compromises Ur Review, I Guess I'll Learn From It. O.K So There Is No Surprise I Sent 3 Individual 2oz Bags 4 Ur Review All 3 Different Coffees, If You Choose You Can Blog About All 3 Or Just Ur Coffee Experience In General, I Decided After I Was Short On Bags, 2 Ship This Way, That Way You Could Decide Ur Personal Favorite.(If Any) I Personally Recommend The French Press For Tasting Or Be Creative Surprise Me! All Of You Know What You Like, So Have At It Happy Coffeeing. After Ur Blog Reviews Are Up, I'd Like To Maybe Hold A Free Coffee Contest On Veterans Day, Provided You Guys Have Your Reviews Up. No Rush Next Month Is My Birthday So We Can Host A Giveaway Between Veterans Day & Thanksgiving(My Birthday) To Give All Ur Viewers A Chance To Participate. All Of This Is Optional On Your Part, I Can RT All Of Your Blogs Info On My Coffee Review If I Have To. Thank All Of You For Participating In My Birthday Giveaway~ More To Come I'll Keep You Posted. Any Ideas Are Appreciated. I Just Wanna Roast Coffee c|_|

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  1. Thanks for putting the work into the Coffee, it's greatly appreciated. Some one bought me a cup of coffee, compared to the B.O.D.Y. Harrar, i had earlier, that free coffee was disappointment in liquid form.